9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


Only One Week To Go for 2022’s Top Built Environment Event

Final program announcements have been released for this year’s im电竞下载ios, Total Facilities, the BE Summit and the Digital Construction Week.

The Built Environment Quarterly Review | Compliance Matters

Apr 27, 2022 Policy & Trends
Following the tragic fires at Grenfell, London and Lacrosse, Melbourne, compliance within the building and construction sector has brought fire management and waterproofing to the forefront.

Building a smart and digitized industry

Apr 21, 2022 Technology
As the old saying goes, what gets measured can be managed. And in today’s rapid race to be future-ready, harnessing data in both the private and public sector is digitizing the construction industry forever.

Prefabrication in Australia – what’s to learn and what’s next?

Ahead of his appearance as part of the im电竞下载ios 2022 Speaker Series, we sat down with Damien Crough, Founding Director & Executive Chairman of PrefabAUS, to chat all things prefabrication and it's progression into the BIM space, what's next in prefab technology and how Australia can learn from our global counterparts.

Built Environment Education Program Announced

BE Summit, im电竞下载ios, Total Facilities and Digital Construction Week Combine for Week of Built Environment Education

Digital tools power collaboration in the midst of great uncertainty

Mar 18, 2022 Technology
In February 2022, Fletcher-owned Winstone Wallboards announced a freeze on advance orders of Gib supplies until July, leading to at least four months of delays.

Melbourne to Host Week of Built Environment Events in May 2022

In an Australian first, the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention centre will host a week of events for professionals across the built environment from May 10-13.

The Built Environment Quarterly Review | Sustainability Matters

Feb 24, 2022 Sustainability
As we move through 2022, sustainability across all industries in the built environment remains critical - from climate change and mental health to materials shortages and infrastructure.

Market Timbers and Utecture Australia showcasing what’s new at im电竞下载ios 2022

Running from the 10th to the 12th of May 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, im电竞下载ios will reunite Australia’s architecture, building, construction and im电竞下载ios communities in one essential event.

NBS ahead of the digital construction game with Chorus and Source

Feb 15, 2022 Technology
NBS is a global leading technology platform for anyone involved in the im电竞下载ios, supply and construction of the built environment.
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