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The Built Environment Quarterly Review | Compliance Matters

Apr 27, 2022 Policy & Trends

Ahead of their appearance at im电竞下载ios 2022, we talk to NATSPEC’s CEO, Richard Choy and the CSIRO’s Manager Verification Services, Infrastructure Technologies, Tracey Gramlick, on how compliance and conformity are impacting our industry in 2022. 1. Are we in a better place than five years ago? Richard: For the majority I would say yes. I’m […]

Rawlinsons wrote the book on Construction Cost Estimating

Covering all Australian states, both the Australian Construction Handbook and Construction Cost Guide are compiled annually, commencing with in depth discussions with a selected list of respected industry experts, followed by comprehensive research and calculations before editing and, finally, production. Both publications are calculated using different labour rates, labour constants and material discount structures. Aimed […]

ABCB’s NCC CPD Courses help im电竞下载ios practitioners build knowledge

Jan 14, 2022 Policy & Trends

Four online NCC CPD courses for im电竞下载ios practitioners are now available from the Australian Building Codes Board. These courses help im电竞下载ios practitioners deepen their understanding of relevant requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC) and how to apply them in their day-to-day work.   Developed in consultation with industry, subject matter experts, and government, NCC CPD courses focus on […]

The 2021 Built Environment Wrap-up & Future Look

Dec 9, 2021 Policy & Trends

In this year’s wrap-up we invited Nic Burt, CEO at Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA), James Cameron, Executive Director at Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) and Sarah Bachmann, CEO at National Precast to reflect on their organisation’s wins, losses and built environment industry insights for the future. What are the key trends in the […]

ACIF’s 2021 November Forecasts

Nov 9, 2021 Policy & Trends

Since 2002, ACIF has provided the industry with a compass to its future, as the ACIF Forecasts details the upcoming demand for work across all sectors, as well as what is happening with construction costs and labour requirements. Led by ACIF’s Construction Forecasting Council (CFC) and produced by one of the industry’s lead Forecasters Kerry […]

Building to the right standard

Oct 12, 2021 Policy & Trends

The National Construction Code (NCC) addresses many aspects of building im电竞下载ios, construction and performance that have evolved with time. These include new materials, new methodologies and improvements to fire safety, thermal performance and energy efficiency. What it does not do is contain details of every im电竞下载ios and construction requirement for a building, plumbing or drainage […]

ABCB’s NCC CPD course builds im电竞下载ios practitioners’ understanding of fire safety 

Jun 24, 2021 Policy & Trends

The development of fire safety regulations of the built environment to minimise the impact of fire is an evolving process.  This means practitioners need to regularly maintain and refresh their knowledge of the National Construction Code (NCC) fire safety provisions so they can stay-up-to date with change and innovation. This new Fire Safety course is primarily targeted at im电竞下载ios practitioners, however, […]

Construction Industry Insights from ACIF

Jul 29, 2020 Policy & Trends

The July/August Update Report 2020 is now available, this time with a focus on employment. Gain valuable insights from the thoughts and perspectives of key industry stakeholders today.

Product Conformity: Foundation to Improve Industry Accountability

May 7, 2020 Policy & Trends

NATSPEC have worked with various stakeholders to develop the NCPR Conformity Starter Pack. A multi-staged education package assisting both Australian and the global supply chain to meet the conformity requirements of Australian building practitioners.

4 trends in AEC reality capture: Digging into USIBD’s latest report

Jan 22, 2020 Policy & Trends

Industry heavy weights come together to form an industry analysis

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